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Rev. Pam Easterday, acceptance as incoming moderator of the Ohio Conference of the United Church of Christ at the Ohio Conference gathering in June, 2011. Listen. Doing a New Thing. God is Still Speaking. This audio file is recorded in MP3 format and will play in any media player installed on your computer. Or, if you download the file, you can play at your leisure on your computer or transfer to a stand-alone MP3 audio player. To play while online just left click the Audio link. To save to your computer right click and in the dropdown menu select something like Save Target As. Save to where you can find the file. Desktop is a good place!

Who am I? I am a servant of God, wherever I go. Whether I am helping a new mother breastfeed as a La Leche League Leader, listening to elementary students read, writing an article for the paper or listening for how a certain scripture speaks to this time and this place, I am called to mercy, justice and extravagant love.

As a single mom, I went to college. My bachelor's in psychology has extra science: organic chemistry, anatomy, physiology and microbiology. I earned that degree summa cum laude. When I switched my undergrad schedule to fit in with my seminary's, I should have lost scholarship dollars, but there were actually more available, and even my books were covered in that last quarter. God is like that. Then, I commuted to the Methodist Theological School in Ohio for a master of divinity. My classmates were the most caring people and I learned from them, as well as: Bible, church history (1 class at the Josephinum), theology (thinking about God), ethics, pastoral care, preaching and more. Ordained in the United Church of Christ, I was solo pastor of two congregations, totaling nine years, and preached in dozens of pulpits.

Serving the wider Church, I counseled camp for years, served on the division of outdoor ministries and took my own kids to camp. Hosting missionaries and promoting all types of mission, I am trained as a Ministries and Mission Interpreter. As a delegate, I participated at association, conference and national levels. Serving six years for the Ohio Conference in the executive committee, I was vice-moderator, moderator, past-moderator and conference-minister, search-committee chair.

My work history includes factory sewing, teaching, retail security, manager and cashier, motel maid, child abuse prevention, six years as a radio disc jockey and years of free lance voice work. As a volunteer, I have coached soccer, helped abuse survivors, promoted and organized the CROP Hunger Walk.

For fun, I grow tomatoes on my roof, rescue dogs, knit hats, install appliances, square dance, read and SCUBA dive.

Most importantly, I am Mom to Kat, Clay and Anna, all college grads, and terrific young people. Who am I? Much more, just ask. Pam.

On Preaching: I preach EXTRAVAGANT WELCOME, the Good News about Godís LOVE for EVERYONE ... I have read that love is like water cupped in your hands. You cannot grip it tightly. It escapes, to return to its source. You can scoop water again and again. You can splash it, bathe in it, or drink it. You cannot hold it still for long. Water and love may be enjoyed and shared. Stuffed in a bottle, it grows stale. Set free, water can run clean and fresh. It seeks its source. Rivers rush to the sea. Evaporating to the clouds, water comes back again and again. We cannot grip love. We may show it to children. We may pour it out and share it. We may drink deeply and bathe in it. It comes from the wellspring of life Ö Drink in love, again and again...