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PAMEASTERDAY dot COM. Rev. Pam Easterday

Faith and Science

Holy Communion

In the Holy Bible, you see, the word love appears 586 times because that is what this book of books is about. The word science does not show up at all. And where we think we read biology, geography, astronomy, history, geology or anatomy, those are just part of a love story.

In science class, we use our senses to measure and observe.  Our provider created a reliable world that may be dug and parsed and endlessly explored.  Indeed, in spite of technological advancements, our universe continues to reveal new secrets in medicine, physics, the ocean depths and distant galaxies.  How blessed we are to know God's creativity and love, as well as our Provider's precision, which allows us to develop, heal, travel and create.  Our big, human brains can calculate and treasure, write poetry and computer code.  We are blessed with ancient love songs and modern faith communities.  We are blessed with astrophysicists who can describe our cosmic origins, and we are blessed with medieval nuns who describe the heart of God.  No conflict, just blessings.

Remember all the times when God, or angels, or Jesus told people, ?Do not be afraid.? Science helped us live longer when it discovered bacteria in our water. That all our neighbors might have plenty, that safer, abundant energy might be developed, that disease and disability might be defeated, all of us need to support scientific research, and our best thinking. We must use our God-given brains to love our neighbors. Our children must separate theory from proof. Our teachers must be encouraged to teach science. Because we serve a God who loves us all.

I have preached a sermon on the compatability of faith, science and evolution for the past ten years. Preached in February, this is conjunction with Evolution Sunday/Weekend as promoted since 2003 by the The Clergy Letter Project.

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