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PAMEASTERDAY dot COM. Rev. Pam Easterday

The Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk

The Annual Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk is held the first Sunday in October. For complete information and links to register and/or donate online, see The Annual Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk.

Many kids count on free breakfasts and lunches at school.  But what do they do on weekends?  In the Tiffin area, they may find a bag full of yummy food in their backpacks on Friday.  Nutritionally balanced meals and snacks carry kids over the days away from school.  Many hands and donors make it possible for kids to enjoy their weekends with plenty to eat.  Twenty-five percent of every Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk donation will go to the YMCA Weekend Food Program, to feed kids in need.

The Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk

The Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk

Walking to End Hunger! 2016 Hunger Walk Participants.

What Does Hunger Look Like? by the Rev. Pam Easterday: We may think we know what hunger looks like, an emaciated child in Africa carried by her weary mother. And that is hunger, not enough resources for a healthy life. However, hunger not enough for life also exists beyond our television cameras. Families that live milesfrom a water source suffer each day. Women and children spend theirdays walking and carrying. Thus no school, no industry, no culture, barely life.

A South American family owns a small plot of land on a mountainside. They grow corn or beans, as their parents did. When a storm blows down the young plants, or the rain fails to come and fill out the pods, families go hungry; hungry children go quiet.

Hunger in the U.S.A. is hidden as well. The U.S.A. Department of Agriculture ranks Ohio third from the bottom in food security, better than only Arkansas and Missouri. Singles “couch-surf” or sleep in their cars because part-time jobs may pay enough for lunch meat but not shelter. Mothers and fathers decide which bill to pay, and what is the cheapest, most-filling food in the store.

The Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk is your opportunity to feed all the world. Watch the Youtube video: Women and Water in Rural Kenya to see the miracle of a sand dam, simple technology that saves lives. On land around the world, our CROP dollars provide the tools and training for varied, sustainable agriculture, “dream farms,” planned for secure, healthy diets. Where populations may have enough of just one food, such as rice, your CROP donations supplement the bowls for pregnant and nursing women, as well as toddlers, to protect crucial brain and body development.

Finally, one fourth of our CROP dollars come home to the hungry in Tiffin, serving the YMCA Weekend Food Program, to feed kids in need.

The Rev. Pam Easterday is one of the organizers of the Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk.

Hats for Hunger

A Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk exclusive: Pam hand-knits hats. No two alike. Baby, Toddler, Child, Adult and extra-large sizes. For a $20.00 donation to the Tiffin CROP Hunger Walk. Have your choice. All labor and supplies donated. 100% of YOUR $20.00 donation goes to CROP!

Hats for Hunger

Hats for Hunger

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